2019 Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy 2019.docx


The HBA will leverage social media channels to help drive visibility of the HBA brand; and generate impactful engagement with targeted audiences. Specifically, the strategy and tactics will aim to:

  • Increase brand awareness and position the HBA as a thought leader
  • Drive traffic to HBA website
  • Boost brand engagement
  • Grow the HBA community
  • Support the larger HBA marketing strategy


  • 10 percent follower growth on all channels for 2019 (same target as last year)
  • Average monthly engagement rate1
    • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn: 1 percent  
    • Instagram: 3 percent (+2% from 2018)
  • Link clicks (to HBA website) per month
    • LinkedIn: 800
    • Twitter: 200
    • Facebook: 200
  • Posts per week
    • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn: 5 posts per week (+2 from 2018)
    • Instagram: 3 posts per week (+2 from 2018) + 2 Instagram stories per week (new for 2019)
  • Average monthly impressions on HBA posts
    • LinkedIn: 45K
    • Twitter: 45K
    • Facebook: 20K                                                         

Social media targets for 2019 were based on the HBA’s social media performance in 2018 and also took into consideration average benchmarks for each social network as well as industry related benchmark data2.  

In Q1, staff will work with HBA IT to set up conversion tracking metrics to measure true impact. In the meantime there are certain metrics that are indicators of impact including follower growth, link clicks (directly driving traffic to the website) and engagement rate.

These metrics indicate an actively growing, highly engaged community that is interested in what the HBA has to say and offer. Typically, these data points are the most actionable for businesses looking to drive traffic and make sales. For a general awareness campaign, community growth, impressions and total engagements tend to be the key data points. Since the Marketing and Communications Plan includes both types of campaigns we’ll be tracking all of those data points in the monthly reports.

1 Engagement rate is a metric that tracks how actively involved with your content your audience is. Engaged consumers interact with brands through “likes” comments and social sharing (often referred to as engagements). The engagement rate is a metric often used in analyzing the efficacy of brand campaigns.

Non-profit benchmark averages showed an average monthly engagement rate of 0.54 percent on LinkedIn, 0.55 percent on Twitter, 0.17 percent on Facebook and 2.14 percent on Instagram. The targets that have been set for 2019 are a bit higher than these averages after taking into consideration the HBA’s social media performance in 2018.


The HBA marketing team and Digital Innovators committee will execute tactics in current channels to promote campaigns aligned with the master marketing calendar and communications plan. Tactics will be informed by 2018 metrics as well as information on emerging trends. In addition to a pro-active approach, the team will also engage in social dialogue on issues of interest to the HBA or where the HBA can lend expertise and timely and relevant perspective.

The social media strategy is part of the larger 2019 Marketing and Communications Plan [LINK] that includes the following promotional campaigns:

  • Membership
  • Corporate Partners
  • Gender Parity Collaborative
  • Flagship Events
  • Regional events
  • Virtual offerings
  • Special Events/Marketing Partnerships
  • Leadership visibility (monthly)
  • Timely opportunities 
    • Proactive opportunities: The HBA will engage on issues relevant to the HBA and the brand such as International Womens’ Day, the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment and other relevant issues in the news cycle.
    • Reactive opportunities: The HBA will continually monitor trending media topics and will lend insight, expertise and/or a timely relevant perspective when relevant.

These 2019 plans and campaigns support HBA’s Strategic Initiatives to:

  • Establish the HBA as a leader that advances gender parity
  • Expand HBA’s product portfolio to better support our mission and satisfy target customers
  • Accelerate HBA impact and develop effective global growth

Using the 2019 Marketing and Communications Plan to help guide frequency based on specific campaigns mentioned above, the social media strategy includes a combination of posts that use compelling images and graphics with relevant links, as well as more video on all four platforms as a way to increase engagement. In addition to organic posts, the team will be assessing the effectiveness of paid advertising as a part of the overall strategy, with the goal to have it more fully integrated as a tool to support the ongoing marketing campaigns.



Potential Members

Corporate Partners

Potential Corporate Partners

Potential GPC Members

Media Partners

Media (business, mainstream)


To increase engagement with our online communities the staff and the DI team will recruit/appoint masters of Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to complement Jandis’ knowledge of Twitter. These subject matter experts will help guide the DI team to deliver greater impact in these channels and advise on best practices, tips and strategy during the educational meetings each month.  The DI masters will also schedule quarterly meetings with each region’s social media committee to provide feedback and guidance on 2019 strategy and keep them in the loop with upcoming HBA Central initiatives.

The marketing team will work with Jandis to set benchmarks for the DI team across all four social media channels measuring followers, impressions, engagement and posting frequency.

Together the marketing team and Jandis will create a new reporting system using Google Drive to help track the progress of each member of the DI team. The metrics will be shared with the team on the first call of the following month.


For planning purposes, and to make the best use of everyone’s time, the Digital Innovators committee will move to a bi-monthly meeting effective 1 February, 2019. The first call of the month will focus on strategy and review of metrics. The second call will focus on education—and an opportunity to offer access to all members wanting to enhance their social media fluency. On the off weeks, Jandis will post weekly twitter impression stats on the DI Community.



  • Publish monthly campaign calendar aligned with master marketing/editorial calendar (LINK)
    • Membership posts aligned with enhanced value—new webinars
    • Corporate Partner campaign focused on historic partners and acquisition
    • Gender Parity Collaborative
    • WOTY announcement
    • National Mentoring Month
    • Posts to promote regional mentoring programs
    • Membership renewal and new members
    • HBAdvantage article features
  • Promote partnership with eyeforpharma
  • Meet with Laurie to discuss CEO visibility campaign
  • Staff and DI team will begin to recruit masters of Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook


  • Publish monthly campaign calendar aligned with master marketing/editorial calendar (LINK)
    • Membership posts aligned with enhanced value
    • Membership renewal and new members
    • WOTY registration
    • Posts to promote regional mentoring programs
    • Corporate Partner campaign focused on historic partners and acquisition
  • Promote partnership with eyeforpharma
  • Begin recruiter process for 2019 “HBA Bloggers” for Flagship events
  • Launch promotion for International Women’s Day
  • Kick off CEO visibility campaign and begin to establish Laurie as an influencer by drafting a personalized social media strategy to increase her online presence.
  • Research timely “news” survey to start teasing International Women’s Day
  • Staff and DI team will appoint the new social media masters and announce to the rest of the DI community.
  • Recruit speaker for first DI educational meeting.


  • Publish monthly campaign calendar aligned with master marketing/editorial calendar (LINK)
    • Membership posts aligned with enhanced value
    • International Women’s Day promotion
    • Rising Stars & Luminaries promotion
    • WOTY
    • Posts promoting regional mentoring programs
    • Career Conversations announcement
    • Corporate Partner campaign focused on historic partners and acquisition
  • Promote partnership with eyeforpharma
  • Begin work with 2019 “HBA Bloggers” for Flagship events
  • Launch CEO visibility campaign
  • Recruit speaker for second DI educational meeting.