2021 ACE Awards

The HBA is in search of 2021 ACE Award winning-initiatives. From the traditional like an internal women’s network to the more unique like a flexible parental leave support program—and everything in between that drives equity and opportunity—we want to spotlight programs that are:

  • Accelerating innovation
  • Driving measurable business outcomes
  • Increasing in reach, scale and exposure

We kindly ask all regions to share this information before the June 30 deadline. 

Here are some sample posts:

The HBA's prestigious ACE awards recognize companies with exemplary internal leadership initiatives that advance and enhance the careers of women. Now accepting nominations. #HBAimpact #4genparity #HBAACE

Get industry-wide visibility for your stellar organizational initiative that is helping to support and advance all women in your workplace. Now accepting nominations for the HBA ACE awards. #HBAimpact #4genparity #HBAACE

Here is a graphic you can use: