2021 HBA Marketing and Communications Plan

In line with the organizations 2021 strategic goals, the HBA’s Corporate Communications and Membership & Marketing departments will direct a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy to garner visibility for the HBA brand and its leaders, promote HBA offerings and initiatives to help support revenue drivers, and increase awareness with trade and mainstream media and influencers about the organization’s role as a leading advocate for gender parity in the healthcare and life science industries. Metrics of success will be defined in individual program/initiative marketing plans.


Based on intelligence from the communications audit, persona development, conversion analytic tracker, the W2O relevancy research, and other recent research, the Membership & Marketing and Communications departments will implement a multi-pronged approach in promotion and outreach, aligned with monthly editorial themes when timely and relevant. We will leverage data to select the most effective HBA channels (i.e., website, email, regions and chapters) and integrate targeted segmentation. 

Beyond traditional marketing, the team will continue to explore more innovative tactics, including influencer marketing and new media to optimize editorial and advertising opportunities with current media and marketing partners. Strategies and tactics will be shared and coordinated with key stakeholders, including HBA regions and chapters, when necessary. 

Individual plans with tactics and timelines will be drafted for the following programs/initiatives:

Stakeholder Relations

  • Business Development
  • Corporate Partner Management
  • Gender Parity Collaborative 
  • Membership

Signature Events

  • ACE Awards
  • Annual Conference
  • Building Better Business Connections (3BC)
  • Woman of the Year


  • Career Conversations
  • Mentoring 
  • Regional events
  • Virtual programs

Corporate Communications

  • Gender Parity Collaborative support
  • Leadership Visibility Campaign
  • Board nominations and announcements

Media and Marketing Partner Relations:

  • Media relations outreach
    • Trade media
    • Mainstream media
  • Marketing partners


  • Promotion via HBA channels, including:
    • Informz email platform
    • Social media channels 
    • HBA website, via editorial or ads
    • HBA Community
  • Promotion via HBA regional channels
  • Promotion via media partners
    • Secure editorial—proactive and reactive
    • Follow through on advertising
    • Via partner social media channels
  • Seek editorial opportunities via mainstream media
    • Consider survey ideas for content
    • Leverage any possible data (HBA corporate partners, other partners) to pique interest
    • Pursue opportunities via Cision database
  • Promotion via marketing partners
    • Visibility from event stage
    • Visibility via event collateral (emails, programs)
    • Visibility via partner social media channels
  • Seek visibility through awards submissions and wins

Comprehensive editorial and programming calendar

The calendar is continuously updated and can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oz1DwvWZeBIPHOlTA5R5a86tHo6TdvLfIVaZaAdWsPM/edit?usp=sharing 

General marketing inquiries should be sent to Marketing@HBAnet.org

Philip George, Associate Director, Marketing


Nancy White, Director, Communications


Tammy Bruzon, Marketing Manager


Petrina Hurtado, Associate Director, Membership 


Carly Markowitz, Digital Marketing Manager