GoToMeeting - Licenses for regional and chapter use

Chapters and regions may use—at no charge—HBA Central’s webinar licenses to conduct non-paid “internal” virtual events (e.g., board meetings, committee meetings, volunteer training, etc.). HBA Central has two licenses: one license has been designated for committee meetings; the other for regional/chapter events that have regular meeting components to them. Access information for these licenses is below. In using these licenses, chapters set up their sessions and run them. If you need training on GoToMeeting, please reach out to

Key points:

  • There is no central scheduling resource. You are responsible for booking and managing your own events. 
  • You will be using GoToMeeting (not GoToWebinar). Before scheduling an event, check the platform to see what dates are already booked. 
  • Naming your meeting--If you set up your event as a “recurring” session (vs scheduling each event individually), put the day and time of the meeting right in the title of the event, so others can clearly see when the platform is booked. For example: HBA XXX Region FTL Meeting - First Tuesday monthly, 4-6 PM ET. If the meeting does not contain the information necessary to determine who, what and when, it risks being deleted by HBA Central.
  • Do not delete or alter events scheduled by others. 
  • Please delete your events once you are no longer holding the time for your meetings.
  • A recommendation: have a back-up plan in place for important sessions (e.g., board meeting). If something happens and your meeting shuts down, have an alternate way for attendees to quickly reconnect (e.g., separate teleconference number). 
  • When setting up events, select which TOLL numbers you will need. These are “local” TOLL numbers; for example, someone from the US calls into a US toll number; someone from Switzerland calls into a Swiss toll number. If you do select the “Toll-free” option, the chapter is responsible for the telephone charges that accrue; these add up quickly and are significant. 
  • Conduct a practice session before important events. Test all links before sending to others. 

Access information for both licenses: 

License 1:

Go to:

Click “log in” (or “customer log in”) 

Enter the email address: (primarily for board meetings, etc.)

Enter the password: Leaders2014 

Capacity: 25 participants

License 8: 

Go to:

Click “log in” (or “customer log in”) 

Enter the email address: (primarily for reoccurring meetings associated with events (ie. New member orientations)

Enter the password: America2018

Capacity: 100 participants

Questions? Contact Lori Whitehand, HBA Education manager at

GTM Tips

Before the meeting:

  • Organizers should arrive 10 – 15 minutes early in case there are any problems with sign in and open up the meeting several minutes before it is scheduled to start.
  • All organizers, who might be sharing their screens, should turn off alerts in Outlook and turn off instant messaging apps such as Skype or Lync that might pop up during the presentation. Presenters can hide their toolbars at the bottom of their screen if desired.
  • Organizers will be able to see mute function in the GTM dashboard. There are microphone icons for UnMute All or Mute All. You will only be able to mute and un-mute people who have called into the GoToMeeting audio number. For those individuals, their name will show up at the top if they are talking or have a lot of background noise, and then you can mute them. However, if they’ve called in via their personal phones, you will have to verbally ask them to mute themselves. If they’re not paying attention, you may have to repeat “We have a lot of noise on the line, if you’ve called in on your personal phone, please use your mute button to allow our meeting to continue.”
  • Presenters have the option of turning on their webcam and showing their faces to the audience. This is a great way to increase engagement.

During the meeting:

  • As people join the call, repeat the following a couple of times: Welcome, we will be starting shortly. If you’ve called in using your personal phone, and not the GoToMeeting audio option, please mute your phones during the main part of the presentation.
  • If recording the meeting, let people know that and announce that “I’m going to start recording now.”
  • For Q&A questions, when calling on the person who submitted each one. If they do not respond, remind them to take themselves off of mute on their personal phone. 
  • Remind people they can type their questions into the chat box as well. Someone should monitor the chat box throughout the presentation and let the speaker know if there are questions being asked.

To close the meeting:

  • Recording does not need to be turned off, it will end automatically once the meeting is closed.
  • Click the close icon in the upper right of the dashboard to end the webinar. Remember: if you are an organizer and decide to leave the webinar before it is over, clicking on the exit icon will end the webinar for all participants.