Introduction to the HBA Policy and Procedures Handbook

The HBA’s core purpose is to further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare. We accomplish our purpose and mission through the work of a small central staff and collaboration with a larger community of volunteer leaders and committees.

HBA members, both individuals and corporations, have requested and expect a consistent and high-quality experience when they engage with the HBA. HBA volunteers, who so generously give of their time and talent, have requested and expect a rewarding and professionally enriching experience. The HBA policies contained herein are designed to address and satisfy both our member and volunteer requirements.  

HBA policies are defined and designed to 

  • clarify operating rules and standards
  • set boundaries for decision making, and 
  • define expectations for compliance with the HBA’s brand

This article contains the current HBA operating policies for the areas defined below. 

These are reviewed and updated bi-annually. Updates are provided to you through the HBA staff and your regional support committees.  

Compliance with these policies helps the HBA maintain brand integrity in the market, consistency and experience from the member perspective, and provides legal protection to the association and its volunteers. Compliance also helps minimize volunteer confusion and frustration, streamline board and committee work and improve the overall experience of our volunteer community. All members of the HBA volunteer community are expected to stay current and comply with all HBA policies.