Lucidpress training

How-To and Resources

  • Before using the Marq platform, please watch these informative training videos:
  • Visit and login using your assigned username/email and password.
  • For further assistance with how to use Marq, please refer to the help center, the community, or support. You can email the Marq support team directly at
  • If you need assistance with user information, a template, or additional marketing requests, please contact your regional marketing president.

Quick Tips

  • Only use the HBA branded templates in Marq. Please do not create your own templates.
  • Do not pull images from the Internet to include in your materials (copyright restrictions).
  • There is a library of HBA branded photos with real HBA members to include in your materials. 
  • If including speaker headshots, only use photos provided by the speaker (do not grab from LinkedIn).
  • If including sponsor logos, only use logos provided by the sponsor (do not grab from the Internet).

Training Videos

Marq Open Forum Series

All forums will take place from 1:00 -1:45 PM ET.

2023 Forum Dates:

  • Wednesday, 11 January
  • Wednesday, 1 February
  • Wednesday, 1 March
  • Wednesday, 5 April
  • Wednesday, 3 May
  • Wednesday, 7 June
  • Wednesday, 5 July
  • Wednesday, 2 August
  • Wednesday, 6 September
  • Wednesday, 4 October
  • Wednesday, 1 November
  • Wednesday, 6 December

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