Role description - programming COE president

Responsible for the delivery of HBA regional offerings, operational excellence for all event planning and execution in region and ensuring Chapter and Regional programming content aligns with Global educational priorities and focus. 

  • Responsible for P&L for regional programs.
  • Manages Regional Directors responsible for planning and execution of regional programs including: Mentoring program, Affinity communities, Regional Conferences and Regional Award programs.
    • Affinity communities can include Women in Science, Women in Transition, Fit to Lead, Women in Healthcare Technology, Circle of Advisors (Executives). 
  • Overarching responsibility for ‘event’ operational excellence: ensures committees provide the planning and execution standards and practices to chapter volunteers to support of efficient event planning and high quality content.
  • Responsible for maintaining the master calendar of programs and events across the region.
  • Primary liaison with Chapter Vice President’s ensuring integrity of chapter event content and event calendar coordination. 
  • Represents regional perspective and voice-of-the-customers on global Education and Programming (EPC) (COE).