Section 12. Volunteer Recognition

The volunteer recognition policy exists to standardize the awards which are given to volunteers, in an effort to create consistency, increase awareness of the awards, and increase prestige by ensuring a strong brand for the awards.

Policy author

Petrina Hurtado, membership, manager

Amy Crolius, stakeholder relations, vice president

Policy Users

This policy is used by volunteer recognition committee members, as well as those who are voting on award winners per the award details listed below.

Policy Details

Award Criteria

The HBA has provided a menu of six awards which may be used to recognize volunteers. Detailed criteria for each award can be found in the “HBA Volunteer Recognition Awards” deck in the Leader Library.

The available awards are:

  • LEAD award: An annual award, board nominated, for excellence in leadership. Highest level award.
  • Legacy award: An annual award, board-nominated, for outstanding contributions over a period of 5+ years.
  • Marie Curie award: Awarded annually as needed, board-nominated, for outstanding innovation.
  • Everest award: Awarded annually as needed, board-nominated, for significant accomplishment in the face of challenges.
  • Honored Volunteer award: A monthly or quarterly award, board-nominated, for recent outstanding volunteer service.
  • Spark award: An ongoing peer-to-peer recognition.

Associated rewards

The HBA Volunteer Recognition Awards deck spells out what recipients of each award may receive. These rewards are to be administered by the chapter or region giving the award. A certificate template is available in the leader library.

Nomination and Communication

The volunteer recognition committee manages the nomination process for all awards. There are three templates available in the HBA volunteer Survey monkey account which must be used to collect nominations for each award- detailed instructions for using the templates is available in the document titled “How to create chapter nomination collectors” in the Leader Library.

Communication of awards must be planned in conjunction with the chapter or regional marketing and communications team. 

In-person recognition of award winners must be planned in conjunction with the chapter or regional programming team.

Compliance Tracking 

The HBA central staff will work with the Engagement COE Presidents, dals and committees to monitor and track compliance to the HBA’s policies and procedures. 

If a violation of these policies occurs, the regional team will take action to work with the chapter or committee to immediately address and correct the situation.