Section 2: Corporate Relations

The purpose of these corporate relations policies is to document the policies and procedures governing the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s chapters, affiliates and regional volunteer committees. These policies and procedures establish guidelines for achieving business development goals and objectives including:

  • Increasing the number of HBA corporate partners and sponsors
  • Engaging current corporate partners
  • Selling chapter and regional sponsorships
  • Working with chapter and regional committees to satisfy venues/space needs for events
  • Providing platform for industry visibility and exposure
  • Managing and safeguarding the association’s funds

Policy authors

Ken Burris, corporate relations, senior director, global business development and sales 

Theresa Straubcorporate relations, senior account manager

Lauren Pecksenior manager, corporate development

Kathleen Rietzlcorporate relations, account manager

Jeanne Piceno, corporate relations, coordinator

Policy users

Corporate relations center of excellence (COE) president, regional director business development, regional director corporate engagement, HBA regional leadership, chapters, committee volunteers responsible for business development (sales of sponsorships and corporate partnerships) and corporate engagement (engaging corporate partner companies and their employees with HBA, and development/management of ambassador programs within HBA gold and purple corporate partners).

Policy details
Customer definitions:

  • Corporate partners (CPs): companies purchasing HBA corporate partner packages
  • Sponsors: companies who purchase sponsorship packages for HBA events
  • Prospects: any company who is a potential new corporate partner or sponsor

HBA staff

  • HBA central: Refers all to the HBA’s association personnel
  • HBA corporate relations team: all staff managing corporate customers (corporate partners, sponsors, prospects and the HBA volunteer leadership interacting with those corporate stakeholders)

HBA Corporate relations volunteer leadership

  • Corporate Relations Center of Excellence (CR COE) president: leads the regional CR COE and provides corporate relations expertise to the region. Involved in engagement/sales strategy development and managing other CR leaders
  • Regional directors: the CR COE has two regional directors, for business development and corporate engagement, who manage their area within the region and oversee regional committees
  • Corporate relations COE leadership: refers to the CR COE presidents and CR regional directors
  • Business Development: serves HBA sponsor companies (non-corporate partners) and prospects
  • Corporate engagement: serves HBA corporate partner locations within their geography
  • Committee chair: reports to a regional director and leads a committee overseeing a specific geography* within the region, liaising with the chapters within that geography as needed
  • Liaison: a volunteer who reports to the committee chair and liaises with one or more corporate customers for the purposes of engagement and sales

*Note: a regional CR committee oversees a particular geography within the region. Specific geographies are defined as needed by the CR COE president and regional directors. If a particular regional geography happens to coincide with a chapter’s geography, it is important to note that the regional committee is responsible for serving the corporate customers within that chapter area, not for serving the chapter needs.

Sponsorship rules

HBA regions, chapters and affiliates must abide by the sponsorship package rules created and distributed by the HBA corporate relations team. Sponsorship packages are available for both year-long sponsorships and event-based sponsorships. Packages cover both cash and in-kind sponsors and include registrations, online recognition, and in-person sponsor recognition. This chart can be found in the Leader Library. 

Regional director business development and business development committee representatives must work with the appropriate HBA staff person to develop plans for contacting current HBA corporate partners to request additional event sponsorship support. 

Event sponsors must be called only “sponsors” and not “corporate sponsors” or “corporate partners” and corporate partner benefits are not to be provided to event sponsors.

Corporate partnership sales

All regional representatives must abide by the corporate partner packages provided by the HBA. Corporate partners receive certain benefits for their level of commitment to the HBA and these benefits are managed by the HBA central corporate relations staff. 

Request for changes to the standard package offerings must be discussed with and approved by the HBA central corporate relations team. 

Corporate partner package sales must follow the appropriate procedures as outlined in our sales processes.


Each region should keep up-to-date a list of all prospects, sponsors and corporate partners within their geography. Corporate relations leaders and liaisons should update this list as needed to track revenue for past and upcoming events, prospects for sponsorships and corporate partner packages, local sponsorship agreements from corporate partner companies within their area and other major engagement developments. The HBA central corporate relations team provides the format these templates should follow so that data may be imported into the HBA CRM system for tracking and reporting. 

Corporate relations organizational charts

Responsibilities, communications and reporting

Corporate relations (CR) center of excellence (COE) presidents will be required to:

  • contribute as thought leaders to global COE and corporate relations expert on the Regional Council
  • integrate COE global strategies and priorities to the regional planning
  • coordinate all functions within/across their region’s CR COE committees; ensures all activities are addressed
  • primary liaison with regional leaders and other CR COE leaders 
  • ensure focus on HBA corporate customers, existing and new

Regional directors will be required to:

  • contribute as thought leaders to global COE
  • integrate COE global strategies and priorities to the regional planning for their area, business development or corporate engagement
  • manage regional COE committees to provide COE expertise and/or offerings to region as needed
  • ensure alignment of plans internally within the COE and with the programming COE 
  • ensure liaisons properly report interactions and adhere to procedures and policy 

Corporate relations committee chairs will be required to:

  • participate in regular calls with their regional director to understand regional corporate relations strategy/priorities and programming needs
  • Communicate regularly with chapter(s) in their given geography to understand chapter sponsorship needs and engagement opportunities
  • Transfer chapter and regional knowledge and information to their committee liaisons through regular touch points
  • Provide input on strategic decisions made affecting their geography

Business development liaisons will be required to:

  • find venues/space/sponsors for local events for chapters and regional committees
  • secure new sponsors for the HBA
  • seek out new corporate partners in region (working in conjunction with company assigned account management team)
  • be “the” volunteer pool who approaches companies on the HBA’s behalf 

Corporate engagement liaisons will be required to:

  • find venues/space/sponsors for local events for chapters and regional committees  
  • liaise with local locations of HBA corporate partner companies to engage them and their employees with the region and chapter, matching company needs with chapter/regional needs and vice versa as needed
  • seek out prospective Ambassador Program companies (currently Purple, Gold and select Silver corporate partners only)
  • be “the” volunteer pool who engages companies on the HBA’s behalf, working to entrench the HBA inside that local site.

Functional calls

Corporate relations functional calls will be held each month and will be arranged by the HBA central corporate relations team.. These calls will be required for the CR COE leadership and will include the opportunity for sharing information on best practices, news and updates in business development (new accounts, new sponsors and won/lost corporate partner opportunities), corporate engagement and more.