Section 9. Member Pricing

The membership pricing policy is in place to ensure a consistent pricing strategy across the organization. Membership pricing is set so as to be in line with our financial goals and to reflect the value proposition of membership in the HBA. 

Policy Authors

Petrina Hurtado, membership, manager

Amy Crolius, stakeholder relations, vice president

Policy Users

This policy is used by the chapter membership volunteers and any volunteer who may interact with potential members or renewing members.

Policy Details

Membership Dues

Membership pricing is set by HBA Central and is currently as follows:

*The Young Professional membership rate is for those 30 and under; it includes all benefits of full membership except voting in the annual business meeting and the ability to serve on boards.

Grace Period

There is currently a 30 day grace period for membership renewals. This means that a member has 30 days after their expiration date in which their membership remains active and they can renew at the renewal rate. After the 30 day grace period ends, the member would be considered a “rejoin” and charged the new member rate.

Membership Discounts/Exceptions

In some instances, HBA’s central office may waive the $50 “administrative fee” when a member would like to rejoin; this is done on a case by case basis and the member must contact HBA’s manager of membership to request it. This allows the member to rejoin at the renewal rate rather than paying the new member rate.

Additionally, in conjunction with special events and promotions HBA’s central office may allow new members to join at the renewal rate; these discounts are announced through the website and targeted emails and typically include a promotion code to receive the discounted rate. The Young Professionals membership type is not eligible for any discounts.

Membership dues are never to be discounted at the chapter level; the only discounts available are handled by HBA central as part of the association’s broader strategy. 

Compliance Tracking 

Chapter promotions/discounts

As mentioned in the policy details, membership dues are not to be discounted at the chapter level. In such cases where members/potential members are informed of incorrect pricing, HBA Central will ask the chapter’s DAL of membership and volunteering to communicate with the member in question to correct the situation.