Summary of policy updates as of March 2019

All sections had the contact information for each policy author added

Section 2. Corporate Relations

  • Updates (as of March 2020)
    1. Added policy users: Regional Director, Ambassador Programs and Regional Director, Operations and Insights
    2. Added CR volunteer leadership: 
      • now there are four possible regional directors, added Regional Director, Ambassador Programs and Regional Director, Operations and Insights
      • Added which RDs are required and which optional
      • Added brief Ambassador Program definition
      • Edited liaison role description to include brief description of a Corporate Liaison
    3. Sponsorship rules:
      • Added link to article with sponsorship type definitions and more guidance
      • Updated sponsorship grid
      • Added sponsorship reporting policy form and guidance
    4. Corporate Relations organizational chart: updated the Regional CR COE committee structure to include new regional director roles and committees
    5. Added a section for business development policies which includes:
      • New business development prospect code program qualifications, rules, etc
      • Business development access to reports and guidance
  • Updates (2019)
    • Policy Users
    • Added a section including CR leadership titles/roles
    • More detail added to sponsorship and corporate partner sales section including sponsorship packages
    • Added a revised reporting section
    • Updated the cross-region and regional committee org charts
    • Revised president/regional director requirements
    • Added committee chair and liaison requirements
    • Revised functional call section

Section 3. European Operations

  • Updates
    • Moved from addendum at the end of policy to incorporate into this update
    • Explanation of compliance to GDPR

Section 4. Financial Policy (changed from Section 3)

  • Updates
    • Add to “Acceptable use of HBA funds”
      • Preapproval for special event items, i.e. member giveaways, whose spend is expected to be greater than $300 is required by the regional treasurer to ensure the spend is within budget guidelines
  • Add section detailing expense reimbursement processes and procedures
    • Expense reimbursement requests should be submitted no later than 3 weeks following the event
    • Reimbursement should be submitted to the with a copy to the regional treasurer for approval and processing
    • All reimbursement requests should be accompanied by itemized receipts (credit card and bank statements are unacceptable support documents)
    • Coordination between the volunteer and regional treasurer should be conducted to ensure that event expenses are charged to the regional treasurer’s HBA issued credit card
  • Notation:
    • Due to the difference in currency, Europe region finances may be managed in a different manner. Please contact the Europe Regional Treasurer for additional guidance.

Section 5. Leadership Appointments

  • Updates
    • Updated titles and department from chapter care to development team
    • Removed operating board from policy (no such board at this time)

Section 7. Mediation

  • Updates
    • Updated titles and department from chapter care to development team

Section 10. Programming and Events

  • Updates
    • Speakers for events: Speakers should never be given attendee registration reports or other information with attendee identifying information.
    • Newly launched affinity groups (< 1 year since formation): recently launched affinity groups can request exemptions from standard pricing policies and member-only attendance policies. Contact HBA Central’s education team to request an exception.
    • Mentoring programs: all regions should aim to field a mentoring program. Regional mentoring programs are a standard offering to be delivered in each region and delivered in one or more geographies within the region. Virtual mentoring programs are also available options for regions as well.