Virtual event sponsorship guidance

HBA is continuously looking for ways to engage with and provide value to companies virtually. To that end, we are happy to provide some guidance on virtual event sponsorship and benefits, as a way companies can remain engaged, gain brand visibility and support HBA over the coming months.

Like our in-person events, virtual event sponsorship through HBA provides companies the opportunity:

  • For company and brand visibility across the HBA Community globally
  • To position the company as a thought leader, by selecting and curating the topic of their choice
  • To provide professional development for their own employees 

Any company can sponsor an HBA virtual event and will receive a number of benefits in return for their support. Rather than a traditional sponsorship grid, we've created a sliding scale of potential benefits too allow our leaders more flexibility based on the sponsorship amount and desired benefits. Virtual event sponsorship amounts begin at 500 USD/Euro and can go upwards of 5000 USD/Euro. You may want to consider multiple sponsors for an event if at lower amounts (which may also help you in building out a panel of diverse companies), but please keep exclusivity in mind if companies are interested in a higher level of support.

Please see our Virtual event sponsorships final.PPTX for additional information. 

If you do secure a sponsorship for one of your webinars, please refer to our Event sponsorship processing procedures which will give you the step by step process and form needed to process everything.

If you have any questions, additional thoughts for guidance or ideas, please contact us as we'd like to ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed!