Role description - market research regional director

The Market Research Regional Director provides insights, analytics and analysis on membership and corporate insights, event surveys/recommendations, general research and ad hoc research based on regional and chapter needs. Reports to the Regional Deputy Chair.

Regional Director role responsibilities 

  • As needed, maintains a committee of volunteers to assist with strategy-setting, planning and activity implementation to deliver on committee expectations, and setting participation expectations and meeting logistics. 
  • Ensures any committee members are trained and have access to required materials for their role. Delivers on expectations set by Regional Deputy Chair with high quality and professionalism and ensures any committee volunteers comply with all HBA standards and policies.
  • Aligns committee planning, goals and activities with other relevant regional committees, chapters and HBA central
  • Participates in COE, Chapter and/or regional meetings as needed to ensure alignment of activities.
  • Actively participates on functional calls with the HBA staff and ensures information is shared with committee in a timely manner. 
  • Manages committee budget, where appropriate. 
  • Responsible for reporting committee plans and status and data to Regional Deputy Chair.

Market Research responsibilities

  • Provide insights and analysis throughout the region
  • Reviews programming feedback and provides summaries and trends to regional and chapter programming teams with recommendations
  • Analyzes existing customer data and membership trends to glean relevant insights into membership/company segments
  • Provides company and market data to CR COE for prioritization, analyzes data and finds trends to support the sponsorship needs of the region
  • Assists in recoding and analyzing regional KPIs and related metrics
  • Conduct ad hoc market research based on chapter needs
  • Provide input on general membership and volunteer satisfaction surveys conducted by HBA Central 

Time requirements 

Regional leaders spend time a) managing their designated committees, b) participating on their designated leadership team (e.g. Center of Excellence) and c) interacting with other leaders in the same role across the association. 

Roles generally require about 10 hours per month. Estimated activities are as follows: 

  • 4-6 hrs per month managing their committees: setting and reviewing plans and progress, coaching leaders, ensuring volunteers are trained and ready for their role
  • 2 hrs per month in Board or COE leader meetings: sharing and coordinating plans and progress; longer term planning and budgeting 
  • 1-2 hrs per month interacting with their role peer group: sharing innovations, discussing new policies and best practices 

Suggested Market Research committees

*(to be implemented as needed based on regional demand/needs)

Event Evaluation/Programming Research

  • Reviews event feedback data, provides summaries & trends to Chapter Programming Committees
  • Evaluates event data over time to inform planning & decision making 
  • Compares chapter and regional programming feedback to determine future educational and event priorities
  • Works with HBA Central on survey process & form enhancements as needed 

Membership/Volunteer Engagement

  • Analysis of existing customer data and HBA membership survey results to glean relevant insights into membership segments and identify areas of improvement/potential for outreach
  • Use data to identify volunteer gaps in various functional areas, assess general volunteer experience/satisfaction and training needs

Corporate Insights

  • Analysis of existing customer data and HBA CP survey results to glean relevant insights into company segments 
  • Provides company and market data to corporate relations teams and prioritize committee focus
  • Conduct additional targeted research as needed to support regional strategy
  • analyzes data and finds trends to support the sponsorship needs of the region

Marketing and Social Media Research

  • Monitors & reviews chapter-specific events, chapter promotional activities & social media data
  • Provides summaries, impact analysis & recommendations for increased impact to the Marketing Committee
  • Provide support in any other marketing projects where able