Volunteer Resources

General resources available:

  • Resource Center (you are here) - this houses all of HBA's non-proprietary volunteer resources, help articles and more.
  • HBA Community - our Community is a virtual forum to connect with other HBA members in your area and across the globe. It is also the platform HBA uses to connect our volunteer leaders with one another in various functional and leadership groups for discussions and best practice sharing, to communicate important information, and to house all of our proprietary resources. 
    • Get started in the Community: 
    • Community features:
      • The HBA Member Forum to discuss/connect with all HBA members
      • Dozens of more specific Member communities based on geography, special interests, career stages and more that you can join
      • Our Member Directory, so you can find and connect with specific HBA members
      • Volunteer Leadership opportunity postings across the world
    • Volunteer communities (exclusive): HBA volunteer leaders are granted access to exclusive volunteer communities specific to their leadership level and/or function upon being accepted into their leadership role. These Communities allow our leaders to interact with their counterparts across the globe to discuss, share best practices, stay up to date on important HBA updates, news, announcements and house any proprietary resources that cannot be housed in the Resource Center. If you are a current volunteer leader, click here to view the volunteer communities you have access to - note: you may be prompted to log in to the HBA website first. You can also find your volunteer communities on the main HBA Community homepage by clicking Communities>My Communities.
  • HBA staff directory
  • HBA Policy Handbook – familiarize yourself with relevant sections. Note: this is in process of being updated and condensed for 2021
  • Regional leader-specific: functional call schedule - will be updated in Jan 2021
  • HBA website: our HBA website is the hub of the organization, where our members, volunteers and companies can learn about our organization, our events, locations, awards and more. A hidden feature accessible only to HBA volunteer leaders is the ability to pull real-time reports from the website to help inform your work! 
    • Depending on the leader's role they can log into the HBA website and visit their HBA profile. 
    • Here, they can select My Reports and pull any real-time reports they've been granted access to including:

Functionally-specific resources:

Visit the home page of the Resource Center, select your appropriate leadership level, and drill down to your functional area.