Role description - CR liaison

Corporate relations liaisons are responsible for direct interactions with one or more companies in their geographic area, as assigned and agreed to with the area's committee chair. Their goal is to build relationships and engagement with corporate customers, ensure the company is aware of HBA programs and sponsorship opportunities, engage their employees and work to align HBA offerings with company priorities. Reports directly to the committee chair responsible for overseeing their area.

Business development specific:
Assists in development of the area’s lead/prospect list in line with the year’s target markets/ geographies, etc. 
Works to engage new or non-CP companies through sponsorship or Corporate Partnership (i.e. sales and relationship building)
Corporate engagement specific: 
Engages directly with assigned local CP locations to better engage them and their employees with HBA, building the HBA’s presence inside the company
Ensures CP awareness of engagement opportunities such as regional/chapter sponsorship, flagship and other programs/offerings.
Properly reports important interactions with companies (major milestones, sponsorship/CP agreements, etc)
Participates in regular meetings with the area’s committee chair as appropriate to gain understanding of regional/chapter sponsorship needs/opportunities, engagement strategies and priorities

Liaisons can be an HBA volunteer handling interactions with 3-5 separate accounts or a company employee volunteering on behalf of HBA to build presence within their own organization