Expansion and Innovation Committees

The purpose of the HBA EMEA Expansion and Innovation team is to be a key voice in developing strategic plans for expansion and creating innovative ideas to increase the sense of belonging among members and generate visibility across all audiences.

Expansion: Developing strategic plans for geographical and partnership growth. This will be achieved by communicating proprietary data assets, building credibility among external stakeholders and partners, engendering a sense of belonging among members, and generating visibility across all audiences.

Two committees will be established to meet this challenge.

  1. Expansion Committee: This committee develops strategic geographical and partnership growth plans. This will be feasible by better understanding the greater environment based on data and insights gathered by the Market Research Committee;
  2. Innovation Committee: This committee explores the viability of new opportunities, tools, and ideas.   This committee will create an environment where new, radical, and even disruptive ideas can nurture and grow to increase the HBA’s impact and to make change in the healthcare industry happen.