The experience center

The Experience Center Concept

Every HBA region’s organizational structure includes an Experience Center: a group of departments that work together in pursuit of the optimal experience for HBA’s customers.

A department is dedicated to a particular function and has a specific scope of work which includes both strategic planning and tactical execution. Each department either serves an HBA customer/stakeholder group (i.e. members, volunteers and companies) or provides those customers value (i.e. education and events, member offerings/programs and marketing/communications). 

Departments are tasked with a number of priority items such as regional strategic planning for their focus area in line with HBA strategic priorities and implementation of regional initiatives/activities as defined in their scope.

What does each department do?

There are a number of departments within the Experience Center, each focused on a specific function: 

  • Membership Experience
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Corporate Relations
  • Education and Events
  • Member Value Offerings
  • Marketing and Communications

The responsibilities of each function can be divided into specific focus areas to spread the workload amongst department volunteers.

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