How to create event badges

1. Login to your HBA Profile

2. Select "My Reports" from the top menu

3. Select press “Create Event Badges” (If located in Europe, select "Create Event Badges - Europe")

4. To search for the events available to pull badges for press “Search” for both Member’s only badges and Non Member’s only badges

5. This will pull up the event badges available for you to pull 

  • If you do not see your badges available, please email

6. Double click on the event badge report the system pulled and wait for the next page to load 

7. Once the next page loads, export to PDF format by pressing the disk picture (Word format will not display badges properly)

8. A test print is recommended. Once aligned, insert the badge paper into the printer and print 

  • Be sure to repeat steps 6, 7, and 8 for the non-member badges as well