Programming and Events

All leaders are responsible for understanding and abiding by the policies herein and ensuring that their committees understand and abide by them.

Adherence to education and events policies is required to maintain chapter certification.

Quarterly plans

All chapters/regions must submit a proposed programming plan annually. The budget provided by HBA Central, the education and events president, in consultation with the MVO president, regional treasurer, and chapter vice president, determines what types of events to conduct in the calendar year to achieve the program revenue and expense targets.

This information is entered into the annual program planning tool to create the framework that sets the proposed number and type of events, pricing, expected revenue, and P&L. Chapter programming directors at large, regional directors, and their committees use this framework to implement the proposed plan ensuring that the projected revenue amounts align with the overall chapter/regional budgets.

Plans must be submitted by the education and events president to the HBA manager of programs and member value offerings by the deadlines indicated.

Timeline of annual education/event plans

30 Sept – high-level annual plan (general schedule of events)

30 Nov – Q1 details filled in

28 Feb – Q2 details and any updates to annual plan

31 May – Q3 details and any updates to annual plan

31 Aug – Q4 details and any updates to annual plan

Once these quarterly plans have been prepared and submitted, it is the responsibility of the chapter programming director at large and the regional directors and her committees to execute the plan accordingly. Chapters/regions will receive confirmation from HBA Central that the plan has been received and approved. If revisions are required, chapters/regions will be notified by the HBA manager of programs and member value offerings within 30 days of submission.


The HBA education team will track the regional and chapter program plan submission. Education and events presidents not submitting such plans will be notified and required to submit such plans within 30 days. For the HBA’s organizational success, it is imperative that plans be submitted promptly, as they affect and contribute to the overall HBA master plan.

Event frequency

Budgetary goals and member needs should determine event frequency. HBA Central will provide guidance yearly. Offerings should adhere to and track with the revenue/expense budgets outlined in the annual program planning tool and be incorporated into the component budgets.

The HBA requires chapters to hold a minimum number of annual revenue-generating events based on chapter size. This ensures that HBA members have significant opportunities to engage and experience HBA value.

Education and event content

Detailed information on appropriate event content can be found in our event content guidelines. HBA education and events should align with the organization’s core purpose and support and advance its mission.

Event audience

To ensure the expected value associated with HBA membership, the HBA has set specific policies around member/nonmember attendance at events.

  • Recruitment events: open to members and nonmembers
  • Education events: open to members and nonmembers
  • Networking events: open to members only
  • Mentoring program: members-only for both mentees and mentors

Speakers for events


  • should have appropriate expertise to deliver the program’s content to the designated audience.
  • should complete the HBA speaker agreement upon agreeing to participate as a speaker. The agreement must be completed no later than the event date.
  • cannot be given attendee registration reports or other information with attendee identifying information.
  • must create an HBA guest profile, if not a member, and update their information, including biography link and headshot, as needed. HBA Staff cannot update speaker profiles as per HBA policy and GDPR law.
  • Here is additional speaker guidance.

Location and venues for events

HBA events should be held in locations and venues that support and align with the organization’s mission, vision, and brand to advance professional women.

Event logistics and/or sponsor/venue liaison committees are strongly encouraged to visit locations and venues before finalizing event plans to ensure the environment is appropriate for our members and guests. Questions or concerns about the appropriateness of locations or venues should be determined by the chapter programming director at large. If concerns remain, they should move to the operational excellence director and lastly the Events and Education President for decision.

When assessing locations, consider the following aspects before scheduling:

  • Professionalism: Is it a business/professional environment?
  • Partitioning: Are program/event areas sufficiently partitioned to ensure a high-quality experience for attendees?
  • Acoustics: Will the designated area support content delivery (e.g., speakers, discussions)?
  • Space: Will the designated area support attendee activities/breakouts, if planned?
  • Décor: Are the exterior and interior surroundings and décor appropriate for a professional gathering?
  • Safety: Will attendees feel and be safe as they approach, attend and exit the event?
  • Private residences: Holding events at private residences is prohibited.


Chapter and regional events cannot conflict with any HBA signature events (i.e. Woman of the Year, Annual Conference, European Leadership Summit, Career Conversations webinars, Annual Business Meeting). Avoiding potential conflicts with religious and cultural holidays and observances is also wise and strongly encouraged.

Registration setup

All event registration must be submitted via the HBA Event Setup Portal. HBA events cannot be set up for registration through any other vehicle (LinkedIn, Zoom, etc.)

Event registration pages

So that events can be properly promoted to ensure maximum attendance, programming volunteers must use the event set-up portal located in their HBA profile and submit the event to open for registration at a minimum of four weeks in advance of the event date. It is recommended that events are submitted six weeks in advance for optimal promotion.

Event pricing

The HBA has set minimum pricing requirements for members and nonmembers for all chapter and regional events, as described below. Please note that all nonmember pricing must be at least 50% higher than member pricing for all events.

Repetitive non-compliance with HBA’s pricing policies will trigger action per the region or chapter certification of compliance.

In-person minimum event pricing:

  • Educational events: no less than $25/€25 member ($30/€30 is recommended); $45/€45 nonmember
  • Networking events: no less than $10/€10; members-only (can be $0/€0 if planning effort is low and costs are $0/€0)

Virtual minimum event pricing:

  • Educational: no less than $10/€10 member; $20/€20 nonmember
  • Networking: at leaders’ discretion

Regular and on-site/late registration rates shall be allowed if the lowest price level is still fixed at the event minimum. Higher on-site pricing is encouraged as it considers the additional administrative work needed to provide registration at the event site.

Early bird rates are only available for signature events with a minimum expected registration over 100 attendees. If early bird rates are used, they are to be set for a fixed time frame, and no extensions are permitted to lengthen or shorten that window at any time during the registration period. The early bird rate cannot be lower than the event minimums. Signature events often require a higher minimum fee than chapter events.

New HBA-approved affinity groups can request exemptions from standard pricing policies, as membership grows. Exceptions will apply from one year from kickoff/launch event.

Mentoring Program

HBA Central determines the pricing for the HBA mentoring program. Pricing is $225 USD (this price is converted to Euro based on current exchange rates) program fee that applies to mentees only (mentors do not pay the registration fee); member-only program for both mentors and mentees.

Onsite/late registration

Events allowing for onsite/late registration are required to leave registration open through the day after the event. Requests for onsite registration should be handled using the same online process as was used for regular registration (e.g. complete the registration on a smartphone or tablet at the event and show the registration staff the paid receipt).

Student pricing

The HBA does not currently offer special student event registration rates except in special circumstances (i.e. event is held at a university with a faculty speaker). If you have an event that you would like a special rate for students, please contact HBA Central to discuss a student-specific registration rate. Please keep in mind that approved student pricing will always be consistent with the HBA member rate and will not go below this rate.

Volunteer discounts 

Discounts can be used depending on the event budget allowances.

Event logistics and planning volunteers (those working directly on the event) and on-site registration desk volunteers receive a 100% discount. This discount is provided for up to six (6) event planning volunteers and up to two (2) registration desk volunteers. HBA Board Leaders are eligible for a 50 percent discount which can be used as needed.

Sponsor discounts

Sponsor discounts must align with the company’s agreed-upon sponsorship package level.

HBA’s Corporate Relations (CR) team has specific policies regarding discount codes offered to event sponsors. Please refer to the Corporate Partner (CP) policy document and sponsor worksheet that CR has created.

Events that include donations/partnerships with charitable organizations

From time to time, we receive requests to partner with other organizations like Dress for Success which accepts used clothing donations, or a local foodbank that accepts non-perishable food items. Sometimes we have groups help to pack food, fundraise, or volunteer their time in other ways through organizing an HBA event. If this is the case, please include this clause in your event summary: 

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) does not endorse any particular charitable organization and is not liable for any claims, controversies or disputes that may arise from your support of such organization.

HBA Store

HBA is piloting offering educational recordings in the HBA store. Events meeting the following parameters will be considered:

  • Event topic is evergreen and applicable to all member groups
  • Live event received 100+ registrations

Pricing will be consistent with live events. HBA staff will make the recording available in the store within one week of receiving the request. HBA store offerings will be available for purchase for two years following the live event date.