Affinity Group Regional Liaison Role Description

A member of an affinity group’s global leadership team, specifically dedicated to being the resource for their assigned region(s). This leader is responsible for pushing Affinity Group (AG) information down to the regional Member Value Offerings (MVO) teams and pulling regional/chapter member demographics, events and priorities up to the global team.

Key responsibilities:
•Attends their AG’s monthly global leadership meeting to understand the group’s priorities and upcoming initiatives, programs, etc.
•Responsible for bi-directional communication between the global and regional teams relating to the affinity group and engagement from their region
•Communicates relevant global AG programs (and important events) to their regions for cross-promotion and awareness
•Communicates relevant regional priorities, demographics and data to the global team
•Works with their assigned region’s Affinity Groups Regional Director (or MVO President until this role is filled) to better understand regional/chapter member demographics to inform global priorities
•Keeps a finger on the pulse of upcoming events across their assigned regions/chapters that would be relevant to AG members and educational trends that would appeal to their member group. Cross-posts in AG community.
•Monitors events held at the regional and chapter levels for cross-promotion and potential collaboration opportunities with the Global AG. Connects leaders to work together to increase impact. Works with Global AG Marketing Director and Regional Marketing Director to amplify efforts
•Leverages the AG resource library, ensuring needs they hear from their region(s) are being met

The regional liaison is NOT responsible for executing events, though they can help to inform and select event topics, moderate, and assist with speaker selection. 

Other example responsibilities include:
•Curates content ideas for events, community discussions, resources at the regional level and global AG
•Maintains list of possible speakers/member highlights from region
•Collaborates with AG Regional Director (or MVO President until this role is filled) on driving engagement within region of their specific AG

Reports to Global Affinity Group Chair
Time commitment: ~4-6 hours per month