Mentoring Program Resource Directory

What is summarized in this directory? How should it be used?

This mentoring program resource directory identifies resources provided by the HBA for use in organizing, planning, implementing and evaluating its regional mentoring programs. It lists forms, tools, complete slide decks and other materials for Mentoring Program Committees as well as for program participants—mentors, mentees and circles. These materials have been organized into 13 sections listed in the Table of Contents (slides 6-11).

Most resource names are followed by (US), (EU) or (US & EU), which indicate the mentoring program(s) for which they are designed. US = US/group mentoring programs; EU = HBA Europe 1:1 virtual program; and US & US = may be used by both the US/group mentoring and EU/l:1 virtual mentoring programs.

Mentoring Directors/Deputy Directors: Please share this directory and the following documents with all members of your mentoring program committee, so everyone is aware of resources and procedures needed to accomplish the work:

  • 01.01 - Committee Structure & Roles
  • 01.03 - Mentoring Program Operations Manual

How can I access copies of the actual resources?

 All resources have been uploaded to the library of the “HBA Mentoring Program Leaders” group on the HBA Online Community, which mentoring directors and deputy directors can access 24/7. If you are a current mentoring director or deputy director of an HBA regional mentoring program and cannot access this group, please contact

Table of contents

Here you will find a list of all the resources available in the library of the “HBA Mentoring Program Leaders” group

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