GAP Advisors

  1. Advisors must be current HBA members, and approved/trained by the HBA.
  2. Assignments: all attempts will be made to make equitable Advisor assignments, based also on the number of programs each advisor would like to be assigned at any given time.
  3. All advisors must be trained by HBA Ambassador Program leaders.
  4. Required attendance: during the course of a program, Advisors are required to attend:
    1. The program Launch (full or partial attendance),
    2. At least half of their program’s executive committee meetings (the others attended by co-advisor),
      1. The HBA must have a representative (Advisor) attend each executive committee meeting. If an Advisor is unable to attend an assigned executive committee meeting, they must  request their co-Advisor attend in their stead or, if co-Advisor is unavailable, must escalate to their PEM and global Ambassador Program leadership to locate a stand-in.
        1. At least 3 group initiative meetings,
        2. At least 3 cohort meetings.
  5. Termination: repeat failed attendance or poor feedback on performance will result in removal from program advisor assignment, possibly without warning.