Role description - chapter vice president

  • Primary liaison with regional treasurer ensuring chapter P&L and financials are well managed, reported, and understood
  • Ensures the integrity of chapter programming and events and alignment with HBA mission, values, and policies; is a liaison with the Education and Events Department President on programming strategy and for content review.
  • Mentors, coaches and supports functional DAL’s in their leadership roles and professional development
  • Cultivates relationships with local healthcare/organizations in support of chapter goals
  • Represents the chapter in regional and association meetings/forums when the chapter president is not available
  • Manages engagement with Chapter Advisory Board*, if appropriate including recruitment of new members, Ad Board meeting planning and follow-ups *if applicable; chapter advisory boards are not required

Key tasks of chapter executive committee

  • Set the vision and key strategic initiatives for the chapter in collaboration with the chapter board and in alignment with the HBA vision and strategic imperatives
  • Ensure the chapter in is compliance with all HBA operating policies and bylaws and all relevant laws in their jurisdiction
  • Ensure the chapter is in compliance with financial guidelines and policies
  • Participate in association meetings and discussions to drive offering, process and value innovations and continuous improvement
  • Motivate, engage and empower board members and committee chairs
  • Track and monitor key chapter deliverables and progress towards goals
  • Ensure all board members actively participate with their respective HBA functional colleagues
  • Foster volunteer recruitment and recognition efforts; oversee board orientation; establish effective leadership within each functional area in support of the chapter goals; manage chapter succession planning