Community Engagement Toolkit

This article will help you get familiar with the HBA's member-only communitywhere members share resources, creative solutions, advice and build their networks. Various Communities within provide forums for individuals to connect with others around the world, with similar special interests and more. Please see our full toolkit deck here: Community toolkit.pptx


  • Fill out your profile, add a profile photo, and include a brief bio so community members know who you are
  • Browse discussion threads to familiarize yourself with "hot topics" of the community 
  • Use the member directory to search and connect with colleagues
    • The "advanced search" option allows you to search by company type, role title/contributor level, or region
  • When posting, always make sure there is a call to action, even something very simple
  • When promoting an event, be sure to link to your event's registration page; including a quick blurb about the event is also a great best practice
  • Tag your colleagues! Start with an "@" and begin typing - if they are an HBA member, their name should appear


  • Post a reply to every discussion thread
  • Contact members personally in response to a post unless it is strategically decided upon as the best course of action
  • Contradict or correct "wrong" answers or information provided by other members 
    • Inaccurate answers will be dealt with strategically and will come from one dedicated voice of the community (i.e. the community manager)
  • Post any material that could be construed as marketing or advertising