HBA Community Overview

The HBA Community is private and secure members-only online community, where members can connect with each other, participate in discussion, access useful information, contribute to the knowledge base and post questions to peers. It can be accessed directly by clicking here and logging into your HBA profile to access members-only content. You can also access the HBA Community by visiting the HBA website, logging into your profile and clicking the HBA Community link at the top of the page, which will open it in a new browser window. 

Once logged in, your home page will consolidate of the most recent HBA Central offerings, member announcements, discussions and career postings. Along the center of the HBA Community page are a series of links you are encouraged to explore, but below are some highlights you will find depending on your membership status and if you have volunteer leader access:

  • Member forum: for discussion and connection with all HBA members across the organization
  • Communities: select the drop down for My Communities to see all the specific functional, geographic and interest-specific Communities you have access to for discussion
  • Directory: allows access to searching our full HBA member directory
  • Volunteer: gives access to opting in to HBA's volunteer pool or browsing open volunteer opportunities