Virtual event platform options

Option 1: use an existing platform you have access to

  • Many leaders have existing access to virtual platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, etc through their work or their personal lives. If this is an option, please feel free to use existing platforms you have access to and are familiar with
  • Explore other free platform options such as FreeConferenceCall, Skype, Google Hangouts or Uber Conference

Option 2: use a regional Zoom platform 

  • Each HBA region has a Zoom license that their regional and chapter leaders are welcome to utilize for events. Please reach out to your regional Education and Events department to coordinate your date/time request.
  • Zoom features:
    • Capacity for 300 individuals 
    • Breakout rooms 
    • Offers active speaker view or gallery view (many simultaneous attendee webcam feeds) 
    • Screen sharing and whiteboarding
    • Dial-in by phone or computer and chat feature
    • Find out more or get familiar with the platform at

Option 3: use a sponsor or company platform

Many HBA corporate partners and sponsor companies have graciously offered the use of their internal virtual meeting platforms for HBA events, specifically large-capacity educational events. If you're expecting over 300 attendees, it may be worthwhile to explore if your sponsor or a local supporting company may be willing to help you host your event.