The acronym for Building Better Business Connections, an event which brings together a community of executive leaders from HBA Corporate Partner organizations to inspire and accelerate the leadership impact of women in healthcare by collaboratively learning and tackling shared business challenges.



The acronym for HBA's Annual Business Meeting, where the HBA Board is appointed for the new year.


The acronym for HBA's Annual Conference, held every year in November.


The acronym for the HBA's Advancement, Commitment, Engagement Award, given to one or more companies for their an internal women's/DEI programs/initiatives each year.

Advisory Board

A diverse group of invited individuals, senior executives in the industry, who provide strategic direction on how the HBA can further the advancement of women's careers in healthcare worldwide through HBA initiatives. HBA regions can also have advisory boards of their own to provide strategic direction to that region, in line with HBA guidelines.


A former HBA term referring to a geographic area with a budding HBA presence. Many affiliate locations eventually transitioned to chapter status.



The acronym for Board of Directors


A startup location of HBA in a new area aiming to engage new members and build their presence. Can remain a branch indefinitely or eventually transition to chapter.



The acronym for Council of Chapter Presidents, a forum for all HBA chapter presidents and regional executive leadership to meet, learn and share best practices across the organization.


The volunteer leader appointed to lead the HBA Board of Directors globally for a one year term. Not to be confused with a Regional Chair, who is a leader appointed to lead a particular HBA regional geography.


A geographic area with a strong HBA presence that has a Board of Directors, many members and events to serve the local geography.

Chapter Operations Director

A volunteer leader who handles the administration and operations of an HBA chapter and is a member of the chapter's executive committee.


The acronym for an HBA Corporate Partner company


The acronym for the Corporate Relations function



The acronym for Director at Large, the leaders at the chapter level who oversee the functions of membership and volunteer engagement, marketing and communications, and programming.


The acronym for Data Analysis and Reporting Tool



The acronym for Empowerment, Diversity, Growth, Excellence - an HBA benchmark research study


The acronym for Executive Committee, the top-level leaders of their respective chapter or region.


The acronym for Executive Women. Also EWF is the forum for executive-level workshops at Annual Converence and EWB refers to Executive Women's Breakfast, local, regional events for executive women.



The acronym for Fit to Lead, an affinity group of the HBA for individuals looking for a supportive environment to grow their leadership skills through fitness activities.



The acronym for Global Committee Chair, who is the leader of their particular functional area at a global level and supports/leads regional leaders of the same function.



The acronym for Healthecare Businesswomen's Association. Note: Healthcare is one word and Businesswomen's is plural, with an apostrophe before the "s"

HBA Community

The online community available to HBA members and volunteer leaders, which includes forums for discussion, a membership directory, resources for volunteer leaders and more.

HBA Next

The term used to describe the HBA's new organizational model, which includes a regional leadership structure that oversees and assists many local HBA chapters/affiliates in that region.


The term used to describe the state of HBA functioning in the new organizational structure, HBA Next.


The former magazine of the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association, released quarterly.


The acronym for Higher Logic, better known as the platform that supports the HBA Community

Honorable Mentor

An award given annually which recognizes one individual who demonstrates long-term suport for the advancement of women in the healthcare industry, has a personal dedication to developing, mentoring and promoting women in the industry, and who has been supportive of the HBA's goals. The Honorable Mentor is honored each year at the HBA's Woman of the Year event.



The acronym for Leadership Conference, which is an outdated term. LC was renamed to Annual Conference (AC) in 2014.


The acronym for Leadership Excellence and Dedication award - an annual award and the highest honor an HBA volunteer can be given wthin their chapter or region.


A recognition given to select past HBA Rising Stars, who have made a significant impact on the healthcare industry and/or experienced significant career advancement since recieving their Rising Star award. Luminaries are honored at the annual Woman of the Year (WOTY) event



HBA's association management company that directly supports the HBA Europe region, specifically the European Summit.



A volunteer leader appointed to lead a specific HBA chapter


Regional Chair

A volunteer leader appointed to lead and oversee a specific region of HBA and the chapters within


The acronym for Rising Star, a recognition given to professionals in the early to mid stage of their career designated by HBA's Corporate Partner organizations. Many Rising Stars are honored every year at the annual Woman of the Year (WOTY) event



The acronym for Strategic Transofrmation Achievement Recognition award, which honors a volunteer who stands apart as a truly exemplary role model for others due to her/his demonstrated long-term commitment and ability to further HBA’s goals. A STAR is honored every year at the annual Woman of the Year (WOTY) event



The acronym for Women in Science, an affinity group of the HBA.


The former acronym for Women in Transition, an affinity group of the HBA. Transition refers to individuals either actively or passively looking to transition into a new role or into a new organization. This group has rebranded and is now called Career Transformations.


The acronym for Woman of the Year, which is the healthcare and life sciences industries' premier award for excellence in leadership and also the name of the flagship event held by HBA every May in New York City to honor the WOTY and many other individuals.