Member value offerings department

Dedicated to: regional members-only programs and value offerings (i.e. mentoring, affinity groups, etc

Scope: strategic planning around member-only engagement programs such as mentoring, affinity groups and executive offerings; planning and execution of all program aspects

Tasks and focus areas: 

Mentoring program: planning and execution of annual regional mentoring program

  • Ensure all aspects of the regional mentoring program including pre-planning, recruitment, matching, mentor training, event logistics, etc are executed throughout the year
  • Coordination with chapters as needed for program planning/local mentoring events such as kickoffs or closing celebrations and marketing/communications department for promotion
  • Provides feedback, ideas, opportunities to Mentoring Global Chair and Mentoring Regional Directors for improvements to the program 

Affinity group engagement: engagement of particular membership demographics/areas of interest through the HBA Community, facilitation of connections, events and programs targeted to their group

  • Create opportunities for connections and learning for each existing AG with presence in the region:
    • HBA Community engagement: discussions/sharing on the AG’s virtual “home” and communications of HBA opportunities, events and resources that they may find valuable and engaging
    • Increase awareness of Global Affinity Groups and nurture up-and-coming communities and areas of interest
    • In conjunction with the Events and Education department, develop:
      • Educational content tailored for the AG member group but that may also appeal to other HBA members
      • Networking events to forge connections between AG members
  • Where applicable: provide feedback, ideas, opportunities to AG Global Chairs to align the group across the global organization and ensure maximum benefits/resources for all utilizing AG Regional Liaisons

Other sub-focus areas as needed (i.e. Executive Offerings) based on regional program offerings.

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