How to send additional resources or event recordings

1. Email with the title and date of your event. 

2. Attach any additional resources you or your speaker(s) wish to share with the event registrants. Please be sure they are in PDF format. HBA staff can email additional resources prior to the event or post-event.

  • Additional resources can be worksheets, workbooks, pre-reads, articles on a website, etc. 

3. If you wish to share the event recording after your event has taken place, email and include the link of the recording from zoom.

  • When logged into the Zoom account, go to "Recordings"
  • Find the recording from your event and click "Share"
  • This will generate a sharable link. Please be sure downloads are enabled.
  • If there is a passcode, please include the passcode in your email along with the link.

4. If you need to edit the recording, please feel free to do so. If you're unable to transmit through Zoom, please feel free to use a google drive link or another dropbox file transfer method.

5. Lastly, if you wish to share slides from the presentation, be sure to save the slides in PDF format and send these as an attachment to Again, please be sure to include the title and date of your event, so we can match it to the appropriate event.

6. HBA Staff will email the additional resources/recordings to all event registrants within 5 business days. 

For questions, please contact