Engagement Committees

The purpose of the HBA Engagement team is to be the one-stop shop for corporate relations, membership, and volunteering experience. This is achieved through engagement and business development strategies in building sustainable relationships with our existing and future CPs and elevating member and volunteer experiences with a personalized customer experience to retain and recruit new members and volunteers.

The three engagement committees are:

  1. Corporate Relations Committee: This committee focuses on building and nurturing regional relationships with companies to increase engagement, increase involvement with Corporate Partners (CPs) programs, encourage CP employee engagement, and explore mutually beneficial sponsorship opportunities. The committee will also support regional directors sharing best practices on CPs programs such as the Ambassador Program, CP Brunch, and business development/sponsorship opportunities. 
  2. Membership Experience Committee: the primary function of this committee is to promote the HBA membership value proposition and to engage with new and existing members through various retention initiatives.
  3. Volunteer Experience Committee: this group will recruit, engage, and retain volunteers and volunteer leaders. This highly engaged group will also be responsible for recognition initiatives and create an environment encouraging volunteers to see HBA roles as leadership opportunities. They will also oversee onboarding, implementation, and award distribution.