HBA staff

HBA is an almost entirely volunteer-led organization, but we do have a few staff members to support and guide our volunteer leaders and provide support for the organization's growth and success. HBA's staff are broken into three pillars:

  • Stakeholder relations: serving our members, volunteers and companies
  • Global services: supporting HBA's finance, operations and IT needs
  • Value offerings: developing HBA Central programs/events (webinars, flagship events, etc) and marketing all HBA offerings

All current staff members, their biographies and contact information is available by clicking here.

For Help With....


Event/program planningLori Whitehand - lwhitehand@hbanet.org
Event registration issuesevents@hbanet.org (Bridget Fairbanks, Katie Cammer)

Event setup questions

events@hbanet.org (Bridget Fairbanks, Katie Cammer)

Existing corporate partnerships

corporatepartners@hbanet.org (Kathleen Rietzl, Theresa Straub)

Expense reports/regional budgets

hbachptrinvoices@hbanet.org (Nycole Joiner, Malissa Quarterman, Tara Harris)
Individual membership questionsmembership@hbanet.org (Petrina Hurtado)
LucidPress Helpmarketing@hbanet.org (Phil George, Tammy Bruzon)

Membership Engagement Events (Meet the HBA, Making the Most of your HBA Membership)

Petrina Hurtado - phurtado@hbanet.org

Membership/volunteer engagement

Petrina Hurtado - phurtado@hbanet.org

New chapters/affiliates inquiries

Katie Cammer - kcammer@hbanet.org

New Corporate Partnership inquiries

Ken Burris - kburris@hbanet.org

Social Media helpmarketing@hbanet.org (Phil George, Tammy Bruzon)

Newsletter submissions

marketing@hbanet.org (Phil George, Tammy Bruzon)

Updating Websitemarketing@hbanet.org (Phil George, Tammy Bruzon)

Volunteer Awards

Petrina Hurtado - phurtado@hbanet.org

Volunteer questions (access to reports, community, etc)

volunteer@hbanet.org (Katie Cammer)