HBA Central account management

HBA Corporate Partner companies are assigned a staff account manager when they sign on as a partner for the first time. This account manager is assigned based on the HQ location of that company and as new accounts are added, they follow the same assignment plan. These account managers work with each of their assigned companies to ensure benefits fulfillment, work on global engagement strategies and more. Below are our account managers and the areas they oversee:

Kathleen Rietzl account manages all companies with an HQ in:

  • Europe
  • New England
  • NY/NJ region
  • Canada

Sarah Brand account manages all companies with an HQ in:

  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Midwest
  • Pacific
  • Southeast
  • Southwest

An updated list of current Corporate Partner companies with their HQ region and assigned account manager, is uploaded to the Corporate Relations community library on a monthly basis and is accessible only to our CR COE leaders.