ALC Presenters and Coaches

Eligibility criteria to present Master Classes or provide Coaching sessions through the Ambassador Learning Center (ALC):

    1. Must be a current Advisor to at least one Ambassador Program, or hold another current Global Ambassador Committee volunteer role,
    2. Must be a current HBA Member,
    3. Must be self-employed or own/operate their own consulting business.
      • The HBA defines ‘self-employed’ in this context as not having full-time employment. Part-time contracts or short-term work are acceptable. 
  • New presenters are approved based on need and availability of work
  • All approved ALC presenters/coaches must sign an annual Contractor Agreement with the HBA and agree to abide by all terms therein.
  • Presenters and coaches must agree to present their own content, which must be pre-vetted and approved by the HBA prior to assignment.
  • Presenters and coaches may be asked to share a recording of a previous work, or to give a ‘trial’ presentation so the HBA may assess the presenter/coach’s presentation style and suitability. 
  • Presenters and coaches must be officially “approved” to present on certain topics, based on their expertise.


Assignments and solicitation

  • All Ambassador Program volunteers, including presenters and coaches, agree not to directly solicit work from the programs/individuals they are working with. Presenters are encouraged to recommend ALC offerings in general, but cannot recommend themselves to be the one to present an ALC offering.
  • ALC offerings that arise through these recommendations will be assigned via the ALC as equitably as possible.
  • After completion of an HBA assignment, it is acceptable for the presenter/coach to contract with the organization for services not related to the HBA Ambassador Program, ALC offerings, or other HBA offerings if requested by the organization (no solicitation).
  • If a company directly requests a presenter/coach’s services for any reason, please inform HBA Ambassador Program leadership for awareness. 
  • Presenters/coaches understand that assignments are made as equitably as possible. Requests for specific presenters are considered but not guaranteed.


  • If an ALC presenter fails to maintain their HBA membership status, volunteer role with the program or consistently fails to meet purchaser expectations, the HBA’s relationship with the contractor may be terminated.