Global Affinity Group Member Engagement Director Role Description

Responsible for creating a sense of belonging and driving value among group members, especially via the HBA Community to position it as a true internal resource group for members and developing a strategic engagement plan for the AG.

  • Drive member engagement within Community by creating a content calendar/schedule of posts to encourage members to participate, share information/resources and promote value opportunities.
  • Populate/organize Community library as needed with resources
  • Basic AG member care: 
    • member outreach as needed,
    • promoting the value prop of AG participation to all HBA members to get individuals to join,
    • practicing radical hospitality (even virtually)
    • onboarding new AG members with how to take advantage of/get the most out of the group
    • ensure the global group has a consistent understanding of member demographics and geographies. When able, proactively reach out to chapters/regions where population is growing
  • *Internal marketing – using Marq, design materials for the Community page to make it visually appealing
  • *Build marketing toolkits so that regions/chapters can assist in marketing global AG offerings and increase awareness locally; cross-promote chapter/regional events that might speak to their AG membership via social and Community
  • Build a committee to assist in the execution of all member engagement tasks and initiatives

*as AG grows, more focus will be needed on marketing/communications activities. At this time, a new Marketing/Communications role can be added and these responsibilities will move to that individual.