Regional committees

Led by a regional director or committee chair and work to execute department tasks, namely:

Operations and Insights: focused on administrative operations and data/insights

This function is available for all departments but entirely optional. Helps to alleviate the workload of both the president (i.e. liaising with Market Research) and Vice President (i.e. administration and reporting). Could consider two committee chairs, one to focus on operations/admin, one on Insights if desired.

  • Responsible for the organizational administration (i.e. department member tracking, calendar, meeting scheduling/notes, file repository, etc) and reporting needs of the department
  • Liaison to Market Research, gathering insights, data and trends gleaned from MR work to inform department leadership for strategic planning and activities

Regional Committees: focused on a specific sub-focus area within the department

A number of standard focus areas - regional committees - can be put in place as needed within each department to handle the tactical execution of department priorities.

  • Responsible for the execution/implementation of tasks/activities as determined by the department leadership in line with their focus area(s) – see department-specific information