Department leaders vs committees

There are a number of opportunities for volunteers within each department, specifically leadership and committee positions: 

Department leaders: responsible for high-level strategy, decision making and ensuring priority tasks are handled within the department. Leader titles include:

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Regional director (optional, based on need – responsible for leading a specific focus area within the department)

Department committees: execute on the tasks and activities of the department as defined by the department leadership and as dictated by their sub-focus area tasks. Standard committees within each department include:

  • Focus areas as dictated by the function (see department slides)
  • Operations and Insights: responsible for department administration and liaison to Market Research for data/insights relating to their function

Committees are led either by a regional director, who is a member of the department leadership, or a committee chair, who is not a member of the department leadership team but still focused on keeping the committee on task.