Affinity Group Marketing and Communications Director Role Description

Responsible for all internal and external marketing and communications, promotional activities and graphic design, and developing a strategic marketing/communications plan for the Affinity Group and all activities. 

  • Using Marq, design materials for the HBA Community, events, social media, promotions, testimonials, award recognitions, volunteer leader highlights, etc.
  • Build marketing toolkits so that regions/chapters can assist in marketing global AG offerings and increase awareness locally; cross-promote chapter/regional events that might speak to your AG membership via social and HBA Community
  • Ensuring the integrity of the HBA brand/identity in all activities
  • Internal marketing: news articles, HBA Community posts, LinkedIn group posts, website updates, etc.
  • External marketing: using personal social media and the Affinity Group hashtag, create social campaigns/teasers for visibility to drive back to the HBA Community; design strategies for others to amplify the AG messaging
  • Create a year-long marketing plan
    • Once this marketing plan is in place, manage AG social media accounts such as a LinkedIn business page and Instagram. Post with consistency
  • Build a committee to assist in the execution of all marketing/communications tasks and initiatives