HBA Speaker Agreement

Please note the historic HBA Speaker Agreement on an external platform will be retired after 30 June 2020

This external help article has been developed for speakers - please feel free to share it with them!

In 2020, HBA moved the speaker agreement to the HBA website to further streamline the management of this process. Speakers can now acknowledge the agreement for the year in their HBA profile by following the steps below. This only needs to be completed once per calendar year as it satisfies the need for a signed agreement for all chapter and regional events.

  1. Log in to their HBA profile (note: HBA membership is not a requirement to have an HBA profile. If one needs to be set up, that can be done so here in just a few minutes)
  2. Navigate to the items below:

  3. From the following screen, click "submit" to agree to the calendar year indicated:

Once a speaker has been registered for an event, the registration report will show if they have signed for the year.