Affinity Group Education and Events Director Role Description

Responsible for determining group member educational priorities, developing an affinity group educational plan, leveraging and cross-promoting HBA events relevant to the group membership and eventually executing educational events to fill development gaps. 

  • Centralized identification of educational priorities for group members
  • Networking and recruitment event planning and execution
  • Keep abreast of, leverage and cross-promote existing HBA events to the group membership
  • *Create pre-packaged content that HBA regions/chapters can utilize as a resource (i.e. topic lists, suggested speakers, and events-in-a-box)
  • *Develop and execute virtual educational events or event series to fill group development gaps/fulfill development priorities
  • Build a committee to assist in the execution of all education/events tasks and initiatives

*these responsibilities are only expected once group is fully mature and there is a robust team of volunteers identified to support this director.