Role description - CR committee chair

A Corporate Relations Committee Chair oversees and is responsible for a specific area within the region, usually a geographic area, for a specific CR function (i.e. business development, corporate engagement or in some cases both). The committee chair builds and manages a team of Liaisons, who directly interact with companies to build interest/engagement with HBA, and liaises directly with any local chapters to understand and fulfill chapter sponsorship needs/opportunities. Reports to the Regional Director of Business Development or Corporate Engagement.

•Oversees and is responsible for a specific geographic area within the region for a specific CR function (either business development, corporate engagement or in some cases, both)

•Directly liaises with regional director to understand regional strategies/priorities and gather awareness about regional sponsorship needs/opportunities

•Directly liaises with local chapter(s) to gather awareness about local chapter sponsorship needs/opportunities

•Manages local liaisons, ensuring all companies within geography have an engaged liaison and that those liaisons are trained and aware of both regional and local sponsorship needs/opportunities in order to try and fulfil them. Ensures proper reporting from liaisons is being done

•Develops annual sponsorship fulfilment goal plan for their geography (with geographic committee chair counterpart in the other functional area as needed) through regional programming plan coordination with RD and programming COE 

•Coordination with programming COE to understand annual sponsorship needs and align planning, goals and activities to secure venues/space and sponsorship for events at CP locations

•Participates in regular COE leadership meetings as appropriate, meeting with their RD and other regional committee chairs; holds regular meetings with liaisons as needed to ensure awareness of all regional/chapter opportunities and priorities