Membership Reports

Click here to learn how to run a membership report. Also our (slightly outdated) membership reports training deck still includes details on what is included in the membership reports and ideas as to how you might use them:

Membership Reports Training.pptx

Membership Year To Date Report

This is a summary of total, new, dropped, and at-risk members for all chapters for the calendar year to date.

New Members Report

This is a list of all members who have joined within the last 6 months, including the number of events they have attended since joining.

Membership Report

This is a list of all members in the chapter. This list is pulled directly from the system and is the most up-to-date information available.

Prospect Report

This is a list of all nonmembers in your chapter. This list is made up of nonmember event attendees, former members, and those who have created a profile on our website for any reason and are not currently members.

Drop Report

This is a list of individuals in your chapter whose membership has lapsed – highlighted rows indicate someone who lapsed (on the “termination date” indicated) but has since rejoined. These individuals will also show on the membership report.