Global Planning Calendar

Please use the Global Planning Calendar to plan your upcoming regional and chapter events. Other programming volunteers can use this master calendar to position their own events with the best timing, and even collaborate with other regions and chapters.

  • Watch the brief tutorial below to learn how to filter the information to see only information that is pertinent to you. This will help you to fill out the information with greater ease.
  • Please update this spreadsheet at least quarterly. More frequently is encouraged!
  • Use this as a tool to see what events are scheduled in close proximity to the events your regions/chapters are planning. Is there an opportunity for cross-collaboration?
  • Use this as a tool to see if there are events with a similar theme or topic to your events. Is there an opportunity to change the timing of your events so as not to be duplicative? Is there an opportunity to make your content more unique, expand or limit the scope?
  • Be mindful to not plan events on or near HBA Central events or holidays. This will help to maximize attendance to your events.
  • As an important reminder, this is a planning tool, and does not secure a desired date for your upcoming events. Programming volunteers will still need to follow the educational webinar planning timeline. Educational event dates when marketed globally are secured using Calendly. Educational, networking, and recruitment events will still need to follow the HBA process for opening events for registration.
  • This will give programming volunteers and HBA staff a big picture view of all the events we have planned throughout HBA. If you have suggestions on how to improve this tool, please let us know


Global Planning Calendar Tutorial