Volunteers are the lifeblood of the HBA, so it is critical for volunteer recruitment to be a key focus of all leaders at all times (especially during succession planning time in Q3/Q4 of each year). Here are a few ideas (not an exhaustive list, feel free to get creative) for volunteer recruitment events and outreach. 

An important thing to note: the majority of HBA volunteers are 'tapped on the shoulder' or 'voluntold' to get more involved. A key element of volunteer recruitment is to ASK!

Event-based volunteer recruitment ideas:

Annual Conference – leverage the live event to connect with potential volunteers from your region (especially easy if event provides region-specific tables during any receptions or general sessions)

Regional or chapter events ideas 

Mid-Atlantic: “Find your Fit” event
New England: Fireside chat with award winners (RSLs, Lumsetc) going over how volunteer experience has helped them in their personal life or career
NY Tristate: “Writing your HBA Chapter” – volunteer highlights their experiences and career (region developing toolkit)
Volunteer Open House events – Meet the HBA or MMMs focused on open volunteer ops and featuring experiences from current leaders

Mentoring Program: do a volunteer promotion live during their closing event illustrating it as a great next step in their development journey

Online/virtual volunteer recruitment

Volunteer Journeys via HBA Community – almost like an AMA. Current/past leaders share what has volunteering meant to them

Post about volunteering on LinkedIn, asking people to share their experiences w HBA in the comments OR highlighting specific volunteers/their journeys

Share promotional materials: sell the concept of volunteering based on the career approach/visibility. How do you transfer the skills you learn at HBA into your job or a role you want/translate it to real life. Using it as a safe place to learn/grow 

New member outreach campaign: individualized/ personal outreach to new members not only to engage in a general sense, but to get involved