Targeted Mailing Requests

First — be sure to leverage your HBA Communities! All posts notify Community members via email.

All emails to HBA members are sent from HBA Central. HBA policy prohibits chapters and regions from sending emails to members directly. 

Beyond the weekly event digest, monthly regional chair messages, and HBA Central programming emails, HBA Central may – on a limited basis – send targeted emails in cases such as:

  • Inviting executives to an exclusive event
  • Sending important pre- or post-event communications to registrants
  • Inviting volunteers to volunteer-only events

Note: All requests for targeted emails are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by HBA Central staff. Based on the volume of communications on the HBA Central calendar, requests may be declined due to resource availability and/or member profile data limitations. We can only invite individuals from our database who have opted in to receiving our emails (HBA policy).

Requests for targeted marketing must be sent to A MINIMUM OF 10 BUSINESS DAYS before the requested send date. Any requests made without 10-days notice may not be accepted.

If a crucial element of an upcoming event has changed and you need to contact registered attendees immediately (i.e. the venue has changed, the event is being cancelled or rescheduled, the event is delayed due to technical difficulties, etc.), please email as soon as possible and mark your email request as Urgent. HBA Central Staff will do their best to accommodate your mailing.

HBA member privacy policies prohibit HBA Central from providing email addresses to volunteers.