Social media recommendations and best practices

If you engage in social media outreach on behalf of your region, chapter or as an HBA member, please follow the HBA central guiding principles: 

  1. Please do not post events unless they are HBA events or an agreement is in place between the HBA and the outside event sponsors. 
  2. Social sites and channels will be monitored and any questionable content removed by the regional team and HBA central staff. 
  3. Respect proprietary information and confidentiality.
  4. Reply to comments quickly, when a response is appropriate
  5. Remember your posts are reflective of you as a professional and your affiliation to the HBA. Please be mindful of tone, personal and political opinions.

It's a conversation. Talk to your readers like you would talk to real people in professional situations. Don't be afraid to bring in your own personality and say what's on your mind. Consider content that's open-ended and invites response. Encourage comments. 

Create some excitement. As a professional non-profit organization, the HBA is an authority in leadership development and networking. Let's share with the world the exciting things we're learning and doing—and open up the channels to learn from others.

For questions or additional guidance on social media outreach, please consult with your HBA regional director of social media or the regional marketing and communications COE president.

  -Work with the marketing committee to share news on social media and the HBA community
  -Work with the marketing committee to submit articles for the monthly newsletter

  -Send an email to groups of 15 addresses or more
  -Send out your own chapter, regional or affiliate newsletter
  -Send out any communication to all members