HBA "message from the regional chair" deadlines

HBA Central publishes a monthly “Message From the Regional Chair” on behalf of each region that goes to members and prospects. 

The monthly “Message From the Regional Chair” is a prime opportunity to directly address your region. This monthly outreach is your region's opportunity to create or close the loop among your various marketing channels and segments.

The Regional Communications Committee is responsible for working with the Regional Chair and submitting content by the posted deadlines. We cannot guarantee that late submissions will be accepted.

These messages are intended to be used to promote HBA events and highlight exceptional volunteers. We ask that you refrain from sharing personal viewpoints and political beliefs in your message. If there are relevant opinions you’d like to share, please do so on your personal LinkedIn profile instead.

Here are some best practices to consider:

  • Your audience isn't limited to members OR seasoned readers. Some readers will be seeing this message for the first time, while others are seasoned members all too familiar. A conversation with your engagement volunteers will help determine whose engagement is critical at the time of sending. Boilerplate calls-to-action (social media, regional events, etc.) may also fill new readers' information gaps.
  • Timing is everything. Be mindful of the events (HBA, local, and global) during the time of the message's launch. This mindfulness will help determine whether you're encouraging engagement, providing a summary, or offering a prospective or retrospective thought piece.
  • Leverage other channels. Messages are limited to 700 words, so make use of the different channels you have! 
    • Publish longer articles on the website and reference them. To have an article added to the website, please send the article and any accompanying images to marketing@HBAnet.org.
    • Shoutout your leaders and volunteers on social media — and tag them! — and encourage readers to join the celebration on social.
    • Looking for local feedback or resources? Post a question to your regional Community and encourage readers to head over there to share their thoughts.

Submissions of 700 words or less with a suggested subject line should be sent to marketing@hbanet.org as a Microsoft Word document, no later than 5:00 PM ET on each due date. Please submit any included photos as separate email attachments.

2024 Regional Chair Message Schedule

Email Send Date

Deadline to Submit Content

Thursday, 4 January

Tuesday, 19 December 2023

Thursday, 8 February

Tuesday, 30 January

Thursday, 7 March

Tuesday, 27 February

Thursday, 4 April

Tuesday, 26 March

Thursday, 2 May

Tuesday, 23 April

Thursday, 6 June

Tuesday, 28 May

Wednesday, 3 July

Tuesday, 25 June

Thursday, 1 August

Tuesday, 23 July

Thursday, 5 September

Tuesday, 27 August

Thursday, 10 October

Tuesday, 1 October

Thursday, 7 November

Tuesday, 29 October

Thursday, 5 December

Tuesday, 26 November