Event Content, Speaker, and Venue Guidelines

Overall Alignment with Core Purpose and Support of Mission

HBA programming should align with the organization’s Core Purpose and support/advance its Mission.

Core Purpose: to further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare

Mission: The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association is a global nonprofit organization comprised of individuals and organizations in healthcare committed to:

  • achieving gender parity in leadership positions
  • providing equitable practices that enable organizations to realize the full potential of women
  • facilitating career and business connections to accelerate advancement

The HBA accomplishes its mission through strong business networks, education, research, advocacy, and recognition of individuals and companies.

Content Planning Guidelines

Leadership Capabilities

Review the HBA Leadership Capabilities Document. All HBA events and programs should adhere to this leadership capability framework when being designed. 

Examples of appropriate content

  • Business acumen: financial topics, strategic planning, innovation process, business models; business drivers
  • Healthcare industry: trends, issues, challenges; digital/mobile; delivery/accessibility of care; patient-centered healthcare; big data
  • Career planning, development, advancement: goal-setting; role of mentors / sponsors; career pathways, ladders and lattices; leveraging current skills in new industry sectors; successfully navigating a transition; personal branding; enhancing professional visibility
  • Leadership (so many potential topics): executive presence; confidence; resilience; communication/presentation skills; conflict management; emotional intelligence; negotiation skills; ability to influence; political/organization savvy; team building; relationship building; visioning skills developing/deepening your professional network; facilitating/navigating change; learning agility.

Inappropriate content/focus

  • Any type or level of a sales pitch or promotion; product demonstration(s)
  • Political or religious discussions or debates
  • Antitrust issues
  • Sexual relations, activity
  • Makeup, skin care, personal fashion/clothing
  • Cooking, cleaning, child/adult care 


Speakers should have appropriate expertise to deliver the program’s content to the designated audience.

Generally speaking, current chapter board members should not serve as presenters of program content, unless they have special expertise that cannot otherwise be accessed.

A list of potential speakers who have volunteered their time for component programming can be accessed here. All programming volunteers should still vet their speakers to ensure expertise and content adhere to HBA standards of practice.

Location and Venue Guidelines

HBA events should be held in locations and venues that support and align with the organization’s mission, vision and brand to advance professional women.

  • Event planning teams are strongly encouraged to visit locations and venues prior to finalizing event plans to ensure the environment is appropriate for our members and guests.
  • Questions or concerns about the appropriateness of locations or venues should be escalated to chapter and HBA leadership.

When assessing locations consider the following aspects before scheduling:

  1. Professionalism: Is it a business/professional environment?
  2. Partitioning: Are program/event areas sufficiently partitioned to ensure a high-quality experience for attendees?
  3. Acoustics: Will the designated area support content delivery (eg, speakers, discussions)?
  4. Space: Will the designated area support attendee activities/breakouts, if planned?
  5. Décor: Are the exterior and interior surroundings and décor appropriate for a professional gathering?
  6. Safety: Will attendees feel and be safe as they approach, attend and exit the event?
  7. Inclusiveness: Will all attendees feel included, seen, and heard? Are there any limitations as to who can attend and participate in the event?