Marq (Lucidpress) Training

Getting Started

  • Before using the Marq (formerly known as Lucidpress) platform, please watch these informative training videos:
  • Visit and login using your assigned username/email and password.
    Don't know your region/chapter/affinity group's login information? Email your regional marketing president or

Quick Tips

  • Only use the HBA branded templates in Marq. Please do not create your own templates.
  • Do not pull images from the Internet to include in your materials (copyright restrictions).
  • There is a library of HBA branded photos with real HBA members to include in your materials.
  • Images can be swapped out and modified by double clicking on the image or right-clicking on the image layer in the right sidebar.  

  • If including speaker headshots, only use photos provided by the speaker (do not grab from LinkedIn).
  • If including sponsor logos, only use logos provided by the sponsor (do not grab from the Internet).


For further assistance with how to use Marq, please refer to the help center, the community, or support. You can email the Marq support team directly at

If you need help with a design, click the “Collaborate” icon in the top right menu and add HBA Marketing ( as a collaborator. Be sure to add a message or note to your design explaining your question. Devon will hop in and help you out at her earliest convenience!  

Ordering Materials

All print products (banners, signs, flyers, postcards, etc.) can be ordered directly through Marq.

To determine your budget for materials, talk to your Regional Marketing President (contact information can be found on the last slide of this deck). Affinity groups should contact Michelle Morse for budget information ( HBA Central will not reimburse your chapter/region for marketing materials.

When finished with your design, simply click “Order Prints” in the top-right corner. Select your product (the recommended product will be auto-selected) and proceed to Checkout. Shipping charges will be calculated after you input your shipping address.

If you need materials to be delivered to a location outside of the U.S., you will need to order prints through a local vendor. Simply download your designs as PDFs (or whatever file type you need) and share them with your vendor. If you’re in the U.S. and know a local vendor with better pricing than Marq, feel free to use them instead!

Want to order promotional materials such as pens, tablecloths, balloons, and pins? We currently work with Daniel Swider at Branded on Demand. You can browse product offerings here

Once you’ve decided what products you’d like to order, please email Note: All items ordered from Branded on Demand require approval from HBA Central’s Marketing Team before purchase. 

Marq Open Forum Series

All forums will take place from 1:00 - 1:45 PM ET.

2024 Forum Dates:

  • Wednesday, 31 January
  • Wednesday, 28 February
  • Wednesday, 27 March
  • Wednesday, 24 April
  • Wednesday, 29 May
  • Wednesday, 26 June
  • Wednesday, 31 July
  • Wednesday, 21 August
  • Wednesday, 18 September
  • Wednesday, 23 October
  • Wednesday, 20 November
  • Wednesday, 11 December

Want to join? Send a message to