GAP Launch Leaders

  1. Eligibility: to be eligible as a Launch Leader, an individual must:
  • Own/operate their own consulting business,
  • Have experience being an Advisor for the Ambassador Program,
  • Be a current HBA member.
  • Identification: when the need for a new Launch Leader is identified, eligible Advisors:
    1.  are reviewed by the Global Operations team to determine a short list of appropriate candidates based on experience and presentation style. 
    2. The short list is put forward to the Global Ambassador Core Team for interview and/or final decisions.
    3. All approved Launch Leaders must sign an annual Contractor agreement with the HBA and agree to abide by all terms therein.
      1. Training: new launch leaders must be fully trained by the Global Operations team and shadow on least 2 live launches, with two different Launch Leaders, for different company programs, to ensure a wide breadth of exposure to launch styles and company requests/preferences. Early-stage solo launches may be monitored to ensure quality performance. 
      2. Assignments: when a Launch Leader is to be scheduled, items such as geography, experience, personality, culture and availability all factor into the process. 
    • If multiple Launch Leaders fit the program launch needs, the assignment will be first proposed to the Launch Leader who has the lowest number of Launches on the calendar for that year (past and future assignments).
    • All attempts will be made to ensure an equitable number of assignments across all Launch Leaders each year.
    • Please note: requests for specific launch leaders will be considered as long as assigned numbers remain equitable across all Launch Leaders.
  • Assignment requirements: the goal of the Launch Leader is to prepare and deliver a successful launch experience for new Ambassador Program cohorts, including alignment across key program stakeholders to ensure a smooth event. 
    1. Launch Leaders are required to lead one (or in rare cases, two) launch prep meetings to align on the agenda, presentation, and live launch needs. 
    2. The Launch Leader is fully responsible for the live launch from start to finish, ensuring the appropriate information is shared, cohort members are engaged, agenda is followed, and acting as the HBA’s representative to the cohort.

    Launch Leaders also agree to abide by the terms of the ALC Presenters and Coaches policies.