HBA Membership Types

You may come across the following terms as part of HBA's basic membership terminology:

Member: an individual who has joined the HBA (membership terms range from 1‒3 years).

Employee of a Corporate Partner: an individual who joined HBA as a member and works for a current HBA Corporate Partner company. Individual may have received a discounted membership rate depending on the level of their company’s partnership. These two membership statuses are indicated on HBA membership reports

Designee: individuals designated by their company to receive HBA membership benefits as part of their Corporate Partner package. The individuals’ membership term coincides with the Corporate Partnership term. On HBA membership reports, you will see the remaining number of months left in the individual's membership (i.e. time left in the partnership term) indicated with a number in parenthesis (X).

Young professional: members aged 30 or under who receive a discounted membership rate.

In transition: eligible individuals who have been impacted by involuntary job loss (currently involuntarily unemployed) that receive a membership discount. The individual must apply to receive this discount.


Prospect or nonmember: potential future member.